Several years before the Porsche factory offered Fuchs wheels, Jack McAfee sold his own alloy wheels which today are commonly referred to as "McAfee wheels".  For owners of disk brake 356 and early 911/912 models, these were a stylish alternative to the stock steel wheel.  Keep in mind that even when Porsche first offered Fuchs Alloys in 1967, they were still only 4.5" wide.   McAfee wheels became so popular on the West Coast that a McAfee "clone" wheel was later manufactured by an unknown source(read below).  Regarding the manufacturing of McAfee wheels, expensive dies were made that allowed for the wheels to be centrifugally cast at a foundry in Pomona CA.  Cragar spinners were used to give a sporty "knock off" look.  Today, neither the original dies or foundry exist, making a set of McAfee wheels quite collectible.  Please contact me if you have an interest in acquiring a set of McAfee wheels for your Porsche.

Here is a set on Lars Wikblad's 356 and 911:

A set of recently restored McAfee wheels on Don Rutherford's C Coupe:

******  B E W A R E   O F  T H E  C L O N E  ******

Years after the McAfee wheel ceased production, a reproduction or "clone" wheel was produced.  This clone wheel is commonly referred to as the "Gurney Western" wheel by VW/Porsche enthusiasts.  The easiest way to identify the Gurney Western wheel is to note the absense of the center "snout" that the McAfee wheels have for mouting the spinner:

The McAfee wheel also has the following stampings on the back side: "LOS ANGELES CALIF.", "PATENT PENDING", "SRC 1500" and "15:00 X 550".  The Gurney Western wheel has no stampings on the back.

The Gurney Western wheel was also sold in a 4-lug pattern that often still appear on 914s or VWs.  Current market value (2010) for a set of polished Gurney Westerns with lug bolts appears to be around $100 per wheel. 

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